Glen Rock Regional Park Draft Management Plan

This document provides a comprehensive and integrated landscape plan for the allocation of land uses and guidelines for the management of activities at Glen Rock Regional Park in context with the South-east Queensland Regional Landscape Strategy.

The plan provides a strategy for multiple land use management that will ensure community benefit whilst integrating principles of ecological sustainable land management in a regional context. The identification of open space values and potential land uses for the Glen Rock property is an important component of this work. Land use decisions have been formed in consideration of the recorded open space values and surveyed community preferences. This process aims to ensure the protection of nature conservation, scenic amenity, water catchment and cultural heritage values while accommodating compatible and sustainable levels of nature-based recreation, access and economic activity.

Four volumes make up the Glen Rock Regional Park Management Plan:

1. Executive Summary – Overview of the planning process and the key outcomes.

2. Volume 1 –Management Plan, this is a detailed description of the outcomes of the decision making process and the factors which influenced the Plan decisions. The Inventory and Significance of Open Space Values of Glen Rock section provides an overview of the attributes of the property which were based on the information provided in the resource assessment reports. The Thematic section provides an overview of the decisions that were considered in the formation of the plan by the representatives who had expertise relating to on-ground management and planning.

3. Volume 2 – PUID Summaries, this volume gives a brief description of the outcomes of the decision making process as they apply to each of the planning units.

4. Volume 3 – Maps, this volume provides a visual aid to support volume one, the Management Plan. It contains a number of detailed maps that show the locations for proposed features, for example, tracks, facilities, and protected areas.

5. Volume 4 – Appendices



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Queensland Department of Environmental Protection Agency: 2001