Grazing Assessment of Glen Rock for Forest Values Management Plan

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources has developed its management planning system to deliver ecologically, economically and socially acceptable outcomes for State Forests, recreational and other areas, in a complex social environment. Forest values are assessed using models so that results are scientific, verifiable and accountable.

The Grazing Model has been developed by DNR Forest Resources, as a sub-component of DNRs planning system, to assist in assessing grazing values for management plans.

The aims of this grazing study were to:
o divide the Glen Rock property into homogeneous planning areas (PUIDs)
o assess the grazing value of each of these areas in consultation with grazing experts
o represent the assessed grazing values in digital and hard-copy map form
o present the data, assessments, maps and discussions to the management committee in the form of a final report

This study has divided Glen Rock into 14 Planning Units and assessed the grazing value of each separate area. There is a core area, defined as “Excellent” grazing that follows the main creek lines through the centre of the property. This would be expected as this area has been developed to the highest degree, is well as being fenced, has good access to water and is easily accessible from the Homestead. The Glen Rock property has been managed very conservatively for many years which has preserved its significant natural resources in a robust and sustainable manner.

The conservation values that exist now demonstrate that conservative grazing management is not necessarily in conflict with conservation issues. The Assessment Team considers that the continued conservative grazing management when combined with a well-planned conservation strategy, would be even more effective in promoting conservation values.



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Queensland Department of Natural Resources: 2001