Great Sandy Region – Discussion Paper on Planning Issues and Options for the Preparation of Town Planning Controls

This Discussion Paper is part of the Queensland Department of Environment consultancy to prepare Development Control Plans for Land Use Change within and adjacent to the Great Sandy Region.

The objective of the Discussion Paper is to facilitate public comment on a range of issues, including:

1) the planning controls necessary to protect and enhance the visual amenity and livability of the communities within the study areas;
2) the need for improved community infrastructure for residents and visitors;
3) future development options and the form and desirable size of townships; and
4) the role of communities in relation to servicing of visitor needs

The paper is a summary of the issues relevant to future planning for the region, and a summary of possible solutions to address these issues.


Discussion paper

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Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


Buckley, Chris (Author)


Department of Environment Queensland: 1996