Greening Port Phillip – an Urban Forest Approach

The vision for the future “The City of Port Phillip will have a healthy and diverse urban forest that uses innovative greening solutions to enhance the community’s daily experience, ensuring environmental, economic, cultural and social sustainability for future generations.” The City of Port Phillip is uniquely positioned to achieve this vision because (1) we are located in a landscape of natural beauty – Port Phillip Bay, right next to the heart of Melbourne, creating a unique and desirable place to live and work; (2) good planning in the past has left a legacy of beautiful and green historic parks, public and private gardens and many tree lined streets that contribute to a mature tree canopy cover and greening across most of our neighbourhoods and (3) there is a high level of awareness and commitment within the community of the need to take action now to ensure the current liveability is enhanced into the future. Implementing the street tree planting program 2017-22 and ongoing investment in park trees and streetscape improvements, including in Fishermans Bend.



Geographic Coverage



Prepared by Treelogic


City of Port Phillip: 2010