Active Victoria: A strategic framework for sport and recreation in Victoria 2017 – 2021

Victoria is the sport and recreation capital of Australia. Sport and active recreation is an integral part of our state. It is essential to our health and wellbeing. Our sense of belonging. Our connection to our community. It means that across thousands of local facilities, parks, playgrounds and reserves, some 3.9 million Victorians play sport or engage in activity every week. At the same time, sport and recreation also brings significant economic and cultural benefits to our state. In 2016 sport and recreation added $8.5 billion to Victoria’s economy, and the equivalent of 65,000 full time jobs. It is underpinned by our world-class facilities, our strong calendar of events and our unrivalled volunteer culture. In short, a more active Victoria is a stronger, healthier, better Victoria. For all these reasons and more, supporting sport and active recreation is a high priority for the Victorian Government. Building on our existing achievements requires a coordinated approach. Local councils, the Federal Government, sporting associations and local community clubs all play a key role. Through this strategy, we provide a framework to work together. Active Victoria is our plan to strengthen the sport and recreation sector, boost participation and ensure every Victorian has the chance to be involved.



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Victorian Government, Department of Health and Human Services: 2017


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