Healthy Parks Healthy People Framework

Based on strong evidence and generations of traditional knowledge, Healthy Parks Healthy People (HPHP) has become a global movement that showcases the connection between healthy environments and positive human health and wellbeing. Building on Parks Victoria ‘s leadership role in the HPHP movement, this Framework guides Parks Victoria ‘s priorities for implementing HPHP through policy, programs and partnerships.

The HPHP Framework is driven by Victorian Government policy that recognises the many health and environmental stewardship benefits of being active in the outdoors and connecting with parks and nature. It highlights the critical role that Victoria’s parks can play in encouraging a healthier, more liveable and more connected community.

The Framework outlines five strategic priorities for HPHP that will benefit Victorians across all life stages: healthy places and settings for all; mutually beneficial program partnerships; quality information and evidence; leadership and advocacy; and workplaces that promote wellbeing.

Victoria’s parks contribute to public health both by providing suitable settings and services that support everyday contact with parks through recreation, education and volunteering, as well as providing settings that support outdoor healthcare. The Framework highlights the importance of partnerships and collaborations that help target specific populations to become more active and connected to nature. These include: children and youth; urban and regional communities that have higher levels of physical inactivity and suffer from health inequalities and disadvantage; people from diverse cultural backgrounds; encouraging families to be more active in nature; building opportunities for healthy and active ageing of seniors and; connecting Traditional Owners to Country for positive cultural, physical and mental wellbeing.

The HPHP Framework provides context and directions for HPHP to inform Parks Victoria staff, Traditional Owners, existing and potential partners and collaborators and the public.



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