Land management planning kit for reserves

This document is to guide trustees in the development of Land Management Plans for trust land (reserves). The Information Kit is divided into three sections. The first section provides general information about land management planning and outlines a process to follow in developing a plan. It contains a glossary of terms.

The second section details criteria that officers will use to assess the Land Management Plans, including:
o the impact of the proposed use/s on the strategic value of the site;
o the consistency of the proposal with the primary use of the land (if applicable);
o the impact of the proposal on the State’s interests;
o the degree of forward planning undertaken in relation to the site and the risk of incremental progression;
o the proposal’s relationship with the local government planning scheme (Town Plan); and
o the degree of commerciality and exclusivity associated with the proposal.

Section three contains examples of both a “Full” and a “Basic” Land Management Plan to guide development of the plan.



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The Department issued a simple Guideline in 1998, superseded in 2005 by a detailed kit to be used by trustees of State reserves (equivalent to committees of management of Crown reserves in other states). A primary motive in issuing the detailed kit was to evaluate proposals for “secondary use” or “exclusive use” by clubs of public land – such as by surf lifesaving clubs operating hotels on prime beachfronts. The criteria for assessing exclusivity – that is, private vs public interest – are as relevant in 2022 as in 2005 and so the kit retains currency.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines Queensland: 2005