Adelaide Hills Strategic Bicycle Plan May 2016

This is a visionary plan for cycling in the Adelaide Hills. It addresses Council’s desire to support cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly mode of transport, but it also recognises the benefits cycle tourism can bring to the area. Its overall aim is for Adelaide Hills Council to capitalise on the opportunities presented by cycling for the benefit of its residents and businesses.
It complements Adelaide Hills Council’s 2014 20 Year Trails Strategy and provides a framework for the recreational use of off-road paths and quiet roads that is the focus of the Trails Strategy. The networks proposed link the trails identified in the Trails Strategy with the broader transport network, including public transport. The plan sees these in the context of a ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach to infrastructure, proposing a range of facilities to support a lifetime of cycling. This is also compatible with State Government initiatives regarding encouraging people to use parks and recognising the Adelaide Hills Mount Lofty Region as an international mountain bike destination.



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Tonkin Consulting & Adelaide Hills Council: 2016