Lifetime play strategy (All ages play framework)

This planning for play framework has been prepared to guide the provision of strategically considered play including active and passive informal recreation spaces and informal opportunities to incorporate play into daily life. Council has identified the need to upgrade, redevelop, rationalize and redefine existing play spaces. This plan establishes a strategic direction for the provision of a diverse range of accessible, attractive, challenging and complementary playspaces offering experiences for all ages and abilities within a natural setting as well as in the urban public realm for all ages. To achieve this, the framework outlines what play is, its importance and explains in more detail what all ages play is and how we need to be more holistic when planning for play. Following this, is the introduction of the four key pillars of play. These four principles capture what a playspace or playful opportunity should contain. They are the Art, Nature, Health and Connection of Play. Finally the framework presents a model for the provision of both designated play spaces which primarily focus on children’s play from 0-14, and playful opportunities which, whilst still considering the needs of children, focuses also on the needs of play for adults.



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Prepared by PLAYCE


Nillumbik Shire: 2017


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