Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015-2025

The uses of the Adelaide Park Lands, their landscapes and their values are as diverse as the people who enjoy them. They are used over 10 million times a year for a diverse range of activities from walking, running, playing and escaping, to the playing of competitive sport and holding of events.
They are made up of a diverse range of landscapes from natural areas of native grassland, to irrigated Parks, ornamental gardens and community sport and recreation areas (ovals, pitches and courts). They reflect what we value as a community from a social, cultural, recreational and environmental perspective.
Given the size of the Park Lands there is the opportunity to reflect and support all uses, landscapes and values. The biggest challenge is getting the balance right, meeting expectations of the different users and managing the tensions. Consultation with the public during development of this Strategy highlighted the main concerns as being development (buildings) on the Park Lands, car parking, commercial activities and privatisation of the Park Lands.
This Strategy envisages buildings and infrastructure that support use of the Park Lands for outdoor recreation, but does not support residential, commercial or entertainment facilities. The objective is to retain the Park Lands as freely accessible public open space and minimise the area covered by buildings. This Strategy provides a high level aspiration for the future of the Park Lands that we can all work towards creating. It reflects the ideas and themes generated by the Shape the Park Lands engagement and extensive consultation with the general public and stakeholders.
The Strategy sets the vision and provides a framework for the important and ongoing advisory role of the Authority. It will also guide the decision making and funding contributions of both the Adelaide City Council and the State Government. Activities and developments that may affect the Park Lands will be assessed for consistency with maintaining or enhancing a broad range of environmental, cultural, recreational and heritage values of the Park Lands. Throughout the Park Lands, biodiversity and sustainability will be protected and enhanced for future generations. Many of the directions and initiatives proposed as part of this Strategy will be subject to more detailed planning and community and stakeholder consultation.
Under the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 the Adelaide Park Lands Authority is the body that guides and monitors the implementation of the Strategy. The City of Adelaide and State Government have direct care, control and responsibility for the majority of the Park Lands’ areas and facilities, and play a lead role in the implantation of the Strategy. The working relationship between the City of Adelaide, the State Government and the inner-metropolitan Councils has been significantly strengthened during preparation of this Strategy. The Strategy is not costed and does not represent a financial commitment. Funding for implementation of the Strategy will be considered as part of the long-term and annual budget planning of the City of Adelaide, State Government and other project stakeholders.



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Adelaide City Council, SA State Government & Adelaide Park Lands Authority: 2018