Managing the Planning and Provision of Leisure and Recreation Opportunities in Australia

This text has been prepared to provide a range of resources for students studying Unit AHS3502, Recreation Planning and Policy, in the College of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria. The course is designed for those working in, or wishing to work in government or private industry and who seek to develop or enhance their professional skills and capacities in the field of recreation planning.
The objectives of the text are to:
1. Provide guidance and resources which will help students to better understand the importance and scope of leisure and recreation planning at the strategic level, and
2. Provide a detailed explanation of the steps involved in the preparation of leisure and recreation plans so that when planning is carried out, it is undertaken in a way which achieves the most effective outcomes and the optimal benefits for all sectors of the community.



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Granted by Dr Ken Marriot on 19 June 2023


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