Adolescents ratings of features of parks that encourage park visitation and physical activity

The neighbourhood environment such as the availability of parks are a key, but under-researched, influence on adolescents’ physical activity. In addition to overall physical activity levels, park-based physical activity and park visitation is low in this age group. Thus, it is critical to identify park features that may encourage or discourage adolescents from visiting parks. This study used a novel methodology to identify key physical characteristics of parks that are perceived to be important for park visitation and park-based physical activity among adolescents.
Physically challenging play equipment is likely to encourage adolescents to visit and be active in parks. Rules, graffiti, toilets and skate bowls may discourage visitation. It is important for park designers, planners and policy makers to consider adolescents’ views of what park design features are important so that parks are created that support and encourage visitation and optimise levels of physical activity when in the park.


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Timperio , Anna (Author); Deforche,, Benedicte (Author); Veitch, Jenny (Author); Salmon, Jo (Author); Parker, Kate (Author); Bangay, Shaun (Author)


International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity: 2016