Meeting the Challenge of Creating Dynamic Park and Recreation Systems

This paper delves into the challenges of creating dynamic park and recreation Systems. Many areas of the world are in a perilous state due to either environmental factors or socio economic problems or both. These in turn will have an effect on the ability of park providers and managers to meet the challenges facing them, and provide the most effective services for their visitors. These factors include:
a) The planner’s allocation of land for parks and recreation facilities and
activities, as well as their location in relation to access and centres of
b) Social issues, socio economic factors, social justice and equity.
c) Population pressures and demand for land for other uses.
d) Provision of finance to establish the park and recreation facilities.
e) Governmental attitudes to the provision of and support for the recreational and open space needs of the community.
f) Pollution of land, air and water.



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