Meeting Visitor Expectations and Managing Visitor Impacts – A Progress Report on the Review of Tourism Activities in the Great Sandy Region

Existing research indicates that changes need to be made to the way visitors are managed in the Great Sandy Region. This progress report recommends a series of strategies and actions to change the way visitors are managed and to reduce the environmental impacts of visitor use in the Region.

The objectives of the review are:
o to assess the impact of the current level of tourism and recreational activities;
o to assess the opportunities for increased tourism and recreational activity;
o to recommend levels of visitor use which provide quality visitor experiences while protecting natural, cultural and social values; and
o to recommend policies and practices for the management of tourism and recreation.

This is a progress report. It is not intended to be a draft of the final report and does not try to cover all of the issues raised in the issues paper. What it does do is recommend new directions and a series of strategies and actions for managing visitor use in the future.

This report has been prepared following the completion of the EDAW report which assessed tourism activities and impacts in the Region. Another important component of the review process has been the consultation with many community and industry organisations and individuals and the submissions and other contributions these people have made.



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