Mildura Rural City Council Public Open Space Strategy`

Mildura Rural City Council’s (MRCC) population primarily reside in Mildura and the surrounding townships of Red Cliffs, Irymple, Merbein and Mildura South. The rest of the population is dispersed throughout the municipal district in small townships and farming properties. Council regards the provision of public open space as a part of an integrated planning and service delivery approach within its community governance responsibilities. It has therefore commissioned SGL Consulting Group to prepare an Open Space Strategy to: identify a strategic direction for Council, in partnership with the local and broader community, for an integrated corporate approach to Public Open Space provision for the next 5 years and beyond. The following major strategies include: 1. The Riverfront area from the proposed Marina to Rio Vista Park will remain the focus for, and main open space in Mildura. 2. A series of linear trails and linkages will continue to be established throughout Mildura, using Three Chain Reserves, Irymple Green Belt and transport corridors, supplemented by other shorter linear open space links. 3. Demand for playing fields is greater than the existing capacity, consequently existing sporting reserves (Mildura Recreation Reserve, Old Aerodrome Sporting Complex and Mansell Reserve) will be planned to ensure they are used efficiently and effectively. Additional playing fields required to meet demand will be established in Mildura South. 4. In providing adequate local parks, the strategy will be to identify a small number of local parks which have a relatively high level of provision, strategically located around the city, and making use of larger open space areas. These local parks will be supplemented with a larger number of local parks with a relatively lower level of facilities and amenities plus some local parks with no facilities or amenities. When developing local parks, safety will continue to be given a high priority. 5. Specific parks, facilities and amenities will be provided to ensure people of all ages and abilities have access to appropriate open space. Priority target groups will include young people, older adults and people with disabilities. 6. Greater attention will be given to providing information about availability of, and access to, open space and interpreting the natural environment. 7. Riverfront reserves which are subject to high levels of indiscriminate use, such as Ranfurly Way will be developed and maintained to ensure its natural features are not destroyed, and its use is controlled. 8. Areas of native vegetation will be protected and opportunities to enhance biodiversity will be pursued.



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