Mildura Tracks and Trails Strategy

The provision of a high quality, connected tracks and trails network can have significant benefits for the Mildura Rural City community. Local residents can improve their physical health and wellbeing by choosing to use active transportation (i.e. walking or cycling) for leisure and commuting, thereby increasing their fitness levels and reducing their risk of contracting heart disease, certain types of cancers , illnesses and conditions such as obesity and type two diabetes. From a social perspective, walking and cycling provides a greater sense of activity in a community and at the same time provides opportunities to meet neighbours and make new friends, thereby strengthening community connections and reducing people’s sense of social isolation. In general, local residents and key stakeholders are very supportive of the existing tracks and trails in Mildura Rural City and are encouraging of further trail development. In this strategy, key issues regarding existing tracks and trails are discussed. Further, as a Council, we are committed to increasing the use of active transportation within Mildura Rural City. In order to achieve this, we need to create an environment that is conducive to and supports walking and cycling at all times so that people view active transport as a viable transport choice. We have outlined key areas to focus on within this strategy.



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Mildura Rural City Council: 2012