Moreton Bay – Sunshine Coast Inter-Urban Break

The Sunshine Coast’s distinct and unique communities are often separated by open space, enabling each community to develop and strengthen their own character and identity. The inter-urban break (IUB) is a key element of the regional landscape that fundamentally shapes the character and identity of communities in the northern Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Regional Council areas. Apart from providing a rural/natural setting for these communities, it provides a sense of arrival and departure for both the Sunshine Coast and Greater Brisbane metropolitan areas. Maintaining these inter-and intra-urban breaks to achieve ‘green relief’ areas is continually being challenged by urban development and growth.

This internal document provides background information from a 2011 Moreton Bay consultation as to the benefits of IUB along the northern Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Regional Council corridor and outlines proposed submission points by both councils from 2009 to preserve the IUB, consistent with the Sunshine Coast Open Space Strategy 2011-11-11 and the SEQ RP 2009-2031.


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Zheng, John (Author)


Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning : 2011