National Infrastructure Database – a resource for thew i8ndustry

A shared national infrastructure database is a key foundation to effective and coordinated planning across any industry. Having access to relevant information about current (and planned) infrastructure within an area means decisions on new investment are more informed. With the support of a cross section of industry partners, The National Infrastructure Database was established by ActiveXchange in March this year to fill a long recognised void. It already holds over 16,000 sport, fitness and aquatic venues across the country with more being added every day by industry stakeholders including state and local government, SSO’s, consultants and venue operators. The database is intended to be a resource for the industry, by the industry provided on an open data source basis. This session::
o Overviews and outlines features and benefits of the National Infrastructure Database
o Outlines a proposal for Parks and Leisure Australia to lead and auspice the development and management of the database on behalf of the industry including
o Roles of key partners and stakeholders
o Engagement of industry sectors
o Outlines the next steps to facilitate the continued rollout and development of the database



Geographic Coverage



Simon Haire, Directror and Alex Burrows, Founder, Active


Burrows, Alex (Author); Haire, Simon (Author)


Parks & Leisure Australia