National Park Responsibility for Habitat Preservation

The discussion paper explores how the preservation of as wide a range as possible of natural habitats by the National Park administration in Queensland could be achieved.

A complete ecological inventory and subsequent selection of representative areas do not appear possible; the magnitude of such a task is overwhelming. Two lines of action offer some promise of reducing the problem to manageable proportions:

1. Where rapid development is known to be taking place, in a range of associated habitats, priority can be given to assessing these and selecting representative areas. Brigalow and Wallum are examples
2 At the same time, the whole State can be classified into regions which are then (a) assessed broadly to determine the distribution of existing parks, whether
there are known major habitats not represented, and hence to indicate the urgency of action and some order of priority for (b) examination in detail to locate areas
for reservations.

The selection of representative areas is only a first step towards reservation. In Queensland at least, there would be quite severe difficulties in getting a large series of areas set aside and considerable delay would seem inevitable. No ready solution is apparent.


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