Northern Territory Sport Integrity Action Plan

Maintaining integrity within the sports sector is a multi-layered and complex issue. It requires a collaborative approach across sport, Territory, State and Federal governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial organisations. Commonwealth bodies such as the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU), Australian Border Force and other law enforcement agencies interact at a national level to maintain a regulatory network. They also work with national sports organisations and state-based agencies such as Northern Territory Police.
Match fixing, corrupt gambling practices, performance enhancing drugs and illicit drugs pose a real threat to the integrity of sports, impacting their reputation and their ability to attract participants, partners and commercial opportunities. Inappropriate behaviour, by players and spectators, also undermine sport’s reputation and its value to the community.
Athletes competing at a national and international level are increasingly exposed to higher performance pressures. Sub-elite and younger, more vulnerable athletes, are soft targets for organised crime, looking to influence the contingencies and outcomes of sporting contests as well as distribute illicit, performance and image enhancing drugs.
Evidence based consultation with Territory Peak Sporting Bodies (PSBs) in 2018 has identified a prevalence of doping, illicit drug activity, court-siding (an illegal gambling practice) and poor player and spectator behaviour in Territory sport. These present threats provide strong justification for the Territory sport system to respond accordingly and be proactively working towards eliminating them.
A robust and refined approach to drive sports integrity, at the Territory and community level, is required to address these issues in concert with national regulatory arrangements. This action plan sets out practical steps the Territory government will be taking to strengthen integrity arrangements in Territory sport.



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Northern Territory Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture: 2019