The purpose of the Strategy is to ensure that council has a holistic view and definition of open space that reflects the wide range of community uses and environmental imperatives. It provides a clear hierarchy for management purposes and guides a recognisable aesthetic, achieved through consistent use of construction materials and techniques. Largely consistent with the findings and recommendations of the of the 2012 Open Space and Public Realm Strategy, the 2018 Strategy builds on the extensive work undertaken over the past five years. It notes that the greatest challenge continuing to face the City of Holdfast Bay is the provision of more open space, with a finite public land supply that has many competing demands.
A growing population and increased housing density will lead to a gradual loss of private green-space. This, combined with increased tourism and a greater proportion of families moving to the area, will place more demand on open space assets, requiring innovative new responses. The Strategy also addresses the need to provide equitable distribution of quality open space across the City to ensure that growth areas are adequately catered for. Sports and recreation data suggest that the City of Holdfast Bay enjoys high levels of active public realm use and that the demand for places to undertake physical activity is likely to remain strong. The 2018 Open Space and Public Realm Strategy places an increased emphasis on coastal areas and streets as important aspects of open space. It applies a simplified hierarchy and new design and management overlay to guide the development and maintenance of these (and other) spaces. The need to protect natural areas for biodiversity and habitat value, increase environmental resilience and support water management are also key considerations. The five open space strategies will be implemented through a series of discrete public realm and open space improvement and infrastructure projects. The Strategy will be used by council staff to inform capital works budgets, staging, funding opportunities and implementation plans. This integrated approach aims to embed open space strategies within existing processes to deliver on the City’s vision and five pillars. A Public Realm Style Guide will influence the design and materials used in projects to create a level of consistency reflecting the style of City of Holdfast Bay.



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City of Holdfast Bay, SA: 2018


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