Open Space Plan Directions Report and Background Report

The Open Space Plan has been developed to guide the provision, development and management of open space across the District Council of Mallala for the next 10 years through to 2026. The Plan generally relates to open space that is owned or managed by Council and includes sportsgrounds, recreation parks, linear connections and natural areas, including coastal open space, bushland areas and riparian corridors. Open space adds significant value to ‘quality of life’ in the District while also protecting natural areas and wildlife habitat and attracting visitors to the District. The Plan has involved developing master plans for the major sport and recreation precincts in Two Wells, Mallala and Dublin. The master plans are provided in Section 4.0 of this report (Volume 1). A review of Council’s Community Land Management Plans has also been undertaken in accordance with the SA Local Government Act 1999. The Plan incorporates two report volumes and includes strategic and specific directions through: ^aEURc Open Space Themes; ^aEURc Overriding directions and strategies for each Theme; ^aEURc Recommended Projects for each Theme.
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South Australia


the project was led by WAX Design and Suter Planners


Adelaide Plains Council (formerly the District Council of Mallala): 2016