Open Space Strategic Management Plan 2018-2023

The Open Space Strategic Management Plan provides direction to ensure a diversity of connected open spaces are provided equitably across the City to meet current and future community needs. It provides clear direction for the development of Open Space District Plans. The Open Space Strategic Management Plan is a major review of the Recreation and Open Space Network 2008–2013. It sets the principles, planning and direction for future provision, development and maintenance of the open space network. It includes the following key sections:
Open Space Hierarchy (defines the open space hierarchy and identifies and categorises service levels to match the key function of each park across the network.); Open Space Planning Principles (provides high level direction to ensure the provision and design of open space and supporting facilities and infrastructure matches the service levels and key function of our open spaces according to the hierarchy; provides direction in the development of District Plans; and ensures an equitable distribution of quality recreation and leisure opportunities across the City and its districts); together with Setting Provision Levels (Provides a range of open space types across the city that allows ease of access for the broad community; Sets the provision levels for open space across the city.



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