Open Space Strategy

The Open Space Strategy has been developed to provide a strategic direction for the future provision and management of Parks, Reserves, Gardens and Greenways in City of Prospect. There is potential to enhance existing open spaces to create better play opportunities and initiatives for flexible spaces. The planning of open space is a critical component of understanding what open space assets we have now, likely demands from existing and potential population, demographic change and cultural preference, where we need new or improved open space to meet the community recreational and leisure needs. Good open spaces have a range of health and wellbeing benefits that sporting and recreational activities provide to the community. The strategy provides strategic and specific directions that will guide the future provision and upgrade of open space. It includes broad directions through specific strategies and specific actions through an Action Plan, and suggested priorities. This will assist City of Prospect to start implementing innovative elements to create improved use of open space and deliver broadened play opportunities over the next 20 years.



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South Australia


City of Prospect, SA: 2018