Open Space Strategy 2016-2036

The provision of open space is fundamental to the quality of life for Frankston City’s residents, workers and visitors. This strategy reflects the diversity of Frankston’s community, identifying open space opportunities and challenges that support both a city wide and neighbourhood approach to future open space planning. The Frankston City Open Space Strategy 2016-2036 is comprised of three main documents outlined below. PART 1 Open Space Framework that sets out the vision, purpose, classifications and definitions for the whole city over the next 20 years. PART 2 Open Space Neighbourhood Opportunities that identifies and aligns the community needs analysis with existing and future desired outcomes for public open space for the whole city and its nine neighbourhoods. PART 3 Open Space Implementation Plan that sets out the priority actions for the city. This strategy uses a methodology to support an open space vision for Frankston City with associated outcomes and priorities. This has been achieved through project planning and background research, understanding existing supply, planning for future change and establishing indicators and an implementation plan for achieving our twenty year vision. Further details, data, analysis and graphical representation were produced in background technical documents.



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City of Frankston: 2016