Open Space Strategy: Planning for Future Growth

Open spaces define Melbourne. Our parks, gardens and reserves help make this city the world’s most liveable. To help us prepare for the future, this plan sets directions for the sustainable care and expansion of our open space to meet the needs of an increasing population. Melbourne is growing and changing, which presents us with opportunities as well as challenges. We’ve responded in creative ways – completing major stormwater harvesting projects such as Fitzroy Gardens and Darling Street to keep the city green. We’ve created new neighbourhood open spaces and we’re working closely with the state government to secure new areas of open space in proposed urban renewal areas. The City of Melbourne’s first Open Space Strategy recognises the value of open space in improving community health and wellbeing for our residents, visitors and workers. Significant new open spaces ensure that all residents and workers are within easy walking distance of a park, garden or reserve. In a commitment to a sustainable city, we will also plan our open spaces to ensure they provide shade in summer and cool our city in a changing climate.



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Open Space Strategy was been prepared for the City of Melbourne by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd in collaboration with Environment & Land Management Pty Ltd and Professor Nigel Tapper who provided the directions on urban heat island effect mitigation. The population forecast information was supplied for this project by .id Consulting and Dr Serryn Eagleston of EDGResearch


City of Melbourne: 2012


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