Open Space Water Management Plan

In 2010 council undertook an Open Space Water Management Plan for the 176ha of council managed open space throughout the municipality. It addresses future watering requirements and responds to the challenge of climate change. The Open Space Water Management Plan seeks to ensure the liveability and sustainability of parks and open space into the future. It is considered likely that water availability will be reduced in future and this may worsen with current climate change predictions. Water management is therefore critical for council in managing its parks and open spaces to provide a level of service that is acceptable to the community, cost effective and aims to reduce council’s reliance on potable water supplies. Council adopted a Drought Response Plan for the City of Port Phillip Open Space (2007) in response to drought conditions. The Open Space Water Management Plan will replace this, and this will help implement the City of Port Phillip’s overarching Water Plan. Council’s Water Plan aims to transform the City of Port Phillip to a water-sensitive city with sustainable water management as a key driver. A target of 70% potable water reduction, based on 2001/02 water usage figures, was adopted by council and this has been achieved. However, it has been achieved to the detriment of the condition of open space. Consequently, the Water Plan 2010 sets a target for an increase in the use of alternative water sources; for open space this results in a target of 50% of future irrigation demand to be met by alternative water sources. This report provides guidance on alternative water source options which may be suitable for parks and open space within the municipality, including rainwater harvesting, stormwater harvesting, groundwater extraction and sewer mining.



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