Outdoor Recreation Management Strategy for Brisbane’s Natural Areas 2011-2021

The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework to ensure that outdoor recreation management in Brisbane’s natural areas can respond to a growing community and an
increase in demand for outdoor recreation opportunities while protecting the many values of these areas. Council owned and/or managed natural areas have significant environmental values that we need to protect and outdoor recreation activities have the potential to impact on these. Council recognises that outdoor recreation in natural areas is a legitimate use, however not all activities can be catered for.
This strategy only addresses outdoor recreation in natural areas owned and/or managed by Council and adopts the Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning definition of outdoor recreation: ‘Outdoor recreation includes a range of leisure, recreation or sport activities, undertaken in natural, rural and urban open space.’ Community feedback from the draft strategy, existing
Council plans and policies, and outdoor recreation industry reporting and planning (including trends and developments in outdoor recreation across Australia) have been considered in the development of this strategy.



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Brisbane City Council: 2011