an active future knox leisure plan 2014-19

The Leisure Plan has been developed to assist Council to achieve its long-term vision and respond to priorities established in the Knox City Plan 2013 -2017 and the Council Plan. The Leisure Plan provides a decision-making framework for Council and identifies how the delivery of leisure services by Council will assist Council to achieve its City Plan objectives relating to:
o A healthy, connected community
o A culturally rich and active community
o A prosperous and advancing economy
o Vibrant and sustainable built and natural environments
o A democratic and engaged community
The Leisure Plan recognises the vast range of leisure activities that residents choose to be involved with including activities such as walking and bike riding for exercise or relaxation; family play days and picnics in the park; participating in a local theatre production or choral group; playing competitive or social sport; playing card and other table games; or trekking or driving in the bush. The Leisure Plan also recognises that leisure and sport choices may change over time and may be influenced by cultural, physical ability, and financial considerations. The Leisure Plan responds to Council’s aim to find ways to encourage residents to be more physically active and socially connected, whether in their leisure time or as part of their daily work day or school day routine, and regardless of personal circumstances.



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Knox City Council, Vic: 2014


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