Outdoor Recreation: Service Provision in the Queensland Public Sector

In Queensland, outdoor recreation services are provided by many public sector agencies. Past and present legislation, government policy and administrative arrangements and social history shape the outdoor recreation responsibilities of these agencies.

The outdoor recreation services that each of these agencies provide may be focused on particular land tenures (eg. State Forests or National Parks), particular locations (eg. Local Government areas or marine parks) or on particular outdoor recreation activities or issues (eg. fishing, boating safety, search and rescue, hunting native wildlife, firearms licensing, etc.). This situation has developed since 1788 as government structures, roles and responsibilities have changed in response to changes in Australian and Queensland society.

The key to understanding outdoor recreation service delivery by the Queensland government lies in understanding which agency (or agencies) is responsible for outdoor recreation on particular areas of land and/or water and/or which agency (or agencies) is responsible either for particular outdoor recreation activities or for specific issues related to particular outdoor recreation activities.

The purposes of this document are to:

– Identify the public sector agencies with major responsibilities for outdoor recreation service delivery in Queensland;
– Explain what services those agencies provide; and
– Identify the tenure, geographic and/or thematic responsibilities of those agencies, which provide outdoor recreation opportunities or services.



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