An Appraisal of Current Regional Scenic Amenity Mapping for the Gold Coast

This appraisal of currently available regional Scenic Amenity mapping for the Gold Coast has been undertaken to demonstrate applicability of the Scenic Amenity methodology developed by the Regional Landscape Strategy Advisory Committee (RLSAC), and to highlight limitations and possible improvements.

The evaluation uses interim regional Scenic Amenity maps produced by the SEQ Regional Scenic Amenity Study in July 2004 (South East Queensland Regional Scenic Amenity Study 2004). These maps were prepared by a consortium of SEQ Local Governments (including the
Gold Coast City Council) and Queensland Government agencies.

The Interim Regional Scenic Amenity maps prepared by the SEQ Regional Scenic Amenity Study provide a reasonable quantification of the relative benefit of various landscapes in the Gold Coast. In general, the weightings allocated to different parts of the landscape are logical and are aligned with both the terrain and land use.

The mapping reinforces the high scenic value of the Gold Coast hinterland, coastal beaches, rivers and other waterways, and identifies landscape areas with particularly high Scenic Amenity values.

The Scenic Amenity methodology provides an open, transparent, and repeatable method of illustrating the location and relative importance of various scenic landscapes. This approach has considerable potential to reinforce current planning policies and desirable environmental
outcomes of the Gold Coast planning scheme, and would provide a vehicle for greater alignment with regional planning policies relating to Scenic Amenity (OUM 2005).



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Preston, Robert (Author)


Gold Coast City Council: 2006