Play Spaces in Horsham

The Horsham Rural City Council currently maintains 24 play spaces. In comparison with other regional Councils, Horsham has a good proportion of play spaces for its population, with one play space for every 853 residents. Each Council owned or managed play space within the municipality has been assessed to determine the provision and quality of play spaces across Horsham. The assessment included a review of the Open Space Asset Audit data, checking each play space against aerial photography images and also undertaking a number of site inspections at a sample of play spaces. Based on this assessment, the following observations were made: ^aEURc The play equipment in some local play spaces is quite outdated and in need of replacement or upgrading. ^aEURc Not many play spaces, particularly local and neighbourhood play spaces have paths leading to seats and play equipment. This does not provide adequate access for people with disabilities or mobility issues. ^aEURc More shade structures are required in play spaces overall. ^aEURc Some local and neighbourhood play spaces lack landscaping and amenities and could be vastly improved with modest effort and expenditure. ^aEURc Most of the play spaces in the municipality cater for children aged between 2 and 10 years of age, with less provision of play spaces for children aged over 10. ^aEURc All future redevelopment and new development should be designed by a landscape architect to avoid ‘ad hoc’ or inexperienced planning towards creating quality spaces with universal access.



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SBP for Horsham Rural City Council: 2019