Positively Green: Queensland Greenspace Strategy 2011-2020

In March 2010, the Queensland Government held the Queensland Growth Management Summit. The Queensland Greenspace Strategy 2011-2020 is one of the Queensland Growth Management Summit’s key outcomes. This strategy acts on the greenspace policies of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 and is an important milestone in the delivery of the statewide Toward Q2 green target to protect 50 per cent more land for nature conservation and public recreation by 2020.

The greenspace vision will ensure that Queensland’s growing communities are supported by networks of diverse, high-quality community greenspace to cater for a range of community and environmental needs. Key outcomes include:
1. Secure more greenspace for public recreation
2. Improve greenspace outcomes through Queensland’s planning framework
3. Facilitate better access to state and private land for recreation



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Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning : 2011