Recreation Strategy – Action Plan (Volume 1)

The purpose of the Recreation Strategy is to develop a strategic direction for recreation provision in Mildura for the next 10 years. In particular the strategy provides: 1. A service policy and development plan that responds to Council’s corporate ‘Vision’ and Purpose and to Council’s Key Result Areas relating to Recreation; 2. An understanding of current participation trends in the community and of future community aspirations in relation to recreation; 3. An understanding of current gaps in provision and future needs; 4. A framework for future planning and development of recreation and open space assets; 5. An understanding of indoor sport infrastructure requirements and how this can best be provided for; 6. An ‘Action Plan’ that articulates priorities, key internal and external stakeholders and resourcing implications.



Geographic Coverage



Prepared by Sykes Humphreys Consulting


Mildura Rural City Council: 2008