Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy and Implementation Plan 2040

By developing the Recreation, Open Space and Community Strategy 2040 (ROSC) Wagga Wagga City Council is aiming to develop a connected, liveable city, providing strategic direction for the planning, development, management and use of community spaces over the next 20 years within the Wagga Wagga LGA. It identifies the key community infrastructure that will be required to meet the anticipated growth within the city and responds to the community’s needs and desires as identified through community engagement activities. The ROSC has been developed using a place-based approach. It is recognised that there are significant differences between and within communities in terms of the demographic characteristics, their level of need and the configuration and accessibility of services.
The ROSC considers public spaces holistically across the LGA as well as in nine urban precincts and nine rural villages. Separate Action Plans have been developed for all Precincts and Villages in order to address the needs and desires of each community. Additionally, Major Project Implementation Plans have been developed to identify the required major projects and actions that impact on the broader city. When combining the results of extensive community engagement and consultation activities and in consideration of best practice, five key themes emerged as strategic priorities for the city. They are:
* Increase the activation of public spaces
* Improve accessibility and connection
* Improve existing assets to maximise utilisation
* Improve community health
* Collaborate where possible



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New South Wales


Wagga Wagga City Council: 2018


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