Redland Open Space Strategy 2026

The Redlands 2030 community long term plan sets the framework for the Redland Open Space Strategy 2026. The vision, outcomes and goals, forged from hundreds of contributions of local residents, businesses and organisations, expressing and sharing their vision for the Redlands underpin the values expressed in this strategy for the future of the city’s open space network.

This strategy examines parks and open spaces using an innovative approach which involves looking at what activities people like to do in the city’s parks and open spaces. Activity requirements have been matched to the open spaces and parks in people’s neighbourhoods and across suburb catchment areas.

This strategy maps out a new vision for open space, parks and recreation that will guide future decision-making for Redland’s city spaces. The Community were invited to read the strategy over a four-month period and provide feedback either online, through a written feedback form or by calling up or dropping in. A number of site visits with the community also took place. Over 180 individual pieces of feedback were received from Redland residents and Council officers. Well over half of these were received at the Walk and Talk Days held in four areas across the city. In addition to the written submissions 28 Heart Foundation Walkability Checklists were completed covering a wide area of the city.

The strategy is a long term one, with a fourteen-year horizon for implementation. The strategy’s purpose–to ensure that great recreation activities are available to everyone–will mean Redland City parks are vibrant, fun and safe places to visit all year.



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Wright, Angela (Author); Photinos, Gary (Approver); Alston, Scott (Author)


Redland City Council: 2012