Remnant Native Vegetation Plan

The City of Marion has undertaken extensive community consultation in forming the Community Vision – towards 2040 .
The community vision has six themes, one of which is valuing nature. Council has a vision to create a city that reflects a deep value of the natural world. The City of Marion Business Plan 2016 to 2019 contributes to this vision through the delivery of a plan and program for the protection of remnant native vegetation in Council reserves. This Remnant Native Vegetation Plan outlines the City of Marion’s priorities and actions for managing remnant native vegetation as we move towards 2040. It focuses on the key principle of protecting and actively managing sites with high value remnant native vegetation. It also considers revegetation that contributes to managing remnant sites, buffers remnant vegetation and that can create linkages across the landscape for native vegetation and native fauna.
The Remnant Native Vegetation Plan outlines why biodiversity and remnant native vegetation are important and details our intent to protect remnant vegetation and biodiversity. It identifies where remnant native vegetation occurs in the City of Marion and the areas on our reserves that are of the highest priority. The Plan discusses the key values and threats to remnant vegetation in the City. It also outlines the principles that will underpin the management of remnant native vegetation and the strategies that will be implemented to protect and manage remnant vegetation.



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City of Marion : 2018