Review of the South East Queensland Regional Landscape Strategy

Work undertaken to date has been unable to specifically identify those areas in SEQ that require protection from future urban development. This review has been prepared with this major objective in mind and provides the Office of Urban Management with the tools necessary to identify the regionally significant landscapes and open spaces. The particular tasks include:

1) Report on the current status of the work undertaken in progressing the Regional Landscape Strategy (Open Space Planning in SEQ)
2) Identify the Principles that would govern a regional landscape planning program for SEQ
3) A definition of regional open space, including what would constitute the different elements of a regional landscape in SEQ
4) A draft program of work required to progress the RLS work to fit in with the October 2004 draft plan deadline
5) Identify a process for mapping the Regional Landscape Strategy through sensitive mapping techniques
6) Where possible identify, vulnerable and sensitive areas requiring urgent protection.



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This paper has been prepared by Tract Consultants in response to a brief presented by the Office of Urban Management, Department of Local Government and Planning.


Copyright Owner: State of Queensland


Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning : 2004