River’s Edge Strategy ()Brisbane’s inner-city river activation strategy)

The River’s Edge Strategy supports a vision for the inner-city reaches of the Brisbane River, and will complement existing strategies that relate to the river and its use. The strategy consists of four themes – Place, Play, Connect and Enable – that relate to the way we deal with the river and its edges.
Key outcomes help to build a picture of each theme and guide decision making for river and riverside spaces, activities, connections, promotion and management. To realise these outcomes, we are proposing potential projects. These are projects that could be implemented by Council, Queensland Government, community organisations, businesses, or the general pubic.
The strategy identifies 12 key outcomes for the inner-city reaches of the Brisbane River and groups these under four themes – Place, Play, Connect and Enable. The themes provide the basis for more specific key outcomes to achieve the vision, and also provide further direction on how the river and its edges should be planned for and managed.



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Brisbane City Council: 2013