Roadside Equestrian and Mountain Bike Trails Strategy

The core objectives of the strategy are to: 1. Outline the context and best practice for trail development; 2. Provide clear future directions (actions) for trail development and improvements.This strategy redefines the ‘designated’ trail network and identifies broad service delivery levels for development and maintenance of trails. A key outcome of this strategy is the definition of four long distance rides; the ‘Peninsula Traverse’, ‘Red Hill Rail Trail’, ‘Great Sandy Ride’ and Devilbend equestrian trail. The two latter trails have a horse riding focus where there are likely to be few encounters with cyclists. The Red Hill Rail Trail, like other rail trails in Victoria is shared use, however a significant increase in cyclists can be expected when the trail is developed to connect with public transport at Bittern Station and serve as a ‘gateway’ to the hinterland trail network.



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Shire of Mornington Peninsula: 2014