Sandbelt Open Space Project Development Plan

The concept of a series of linked parks has been proposed in the Heatherton Dingley area since the early 1970s. The concept was based on the extent of disturbed land from which large sand deposits have been extracted. Landfill has followed sand extraction to fill the sand pits and restore the land for subsequent use.

This report recommends a series of parklands which covers approximately 1060ha stretching from Warrigal Road, Heatherton to Springvale Road, Dingley. Some 390ha of this land is already developed as golf courses. The area is ideally located to address the major deficiency in the distribution of regional parks in Melbourne for a band of suburbs between Caulfield and Clayton. Although the area contains few sites of botanical and fauna significance, these are nevertheless valuable recreational assets. The extent of disturbed land in the area makes open space a particularly appropriate end use due to the lack of alternative uses and its diminished economic value.

The Implementation Strategy (Deloitte, 1992) recommended the preparation of a strategic plan for the development of the Sandbelt Open Space Project. This report provides a framework for establishing a series of recreation areas and a process for
implementation. It defines the boundaries as well as the range and distribution of activities within the study area. It sets out the way in which both the public and private sector should develop the area.

This report is a working document. It incorporates an information base and proposals to assist Melbourne Parks & Waterways and the Cities of Moorabbin, Oakleigh and Springvale in making decisions on park development. The study has been particularly mindful of the need to match new park proposals with established and projected visitor demands and the need to minimise land acquisition costs by agencies.



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Melbourne Parks and Waterways: 1994


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