Assessing, evaluating and protecting land as open space

This paper explains how to assess and evaluate the open space attributes of a parcel of land or a group of parcels. It also explains how to weigh up the need to apply protective mechanisms.

The paper has been written primarily as a guide to staff of the Department of Natural Resources who are required to draw conclusions about the value of land for some use related to open space. This could be with a view to disposal of a parcel from or its addition to the public estate; or it could be as input to management planning of some public land; or it could be to consider applying some protective instrument such as a covenant or planning scheme.




This Land Planning Guideline, one of a series of about 50 issued during the 1990s and 2000s by the Department of Lands/Natural Resources/Natural Resources and Mines, was not formally published but was widely distributed to public servants and local government staff for the purpose of enhancing the protection of open space in South-East Queensland.
The first edition was drafted in July 1994 to support the purchase of land for addition to the public estate under the ill-fated Regional Open Space System. It was gradually refined by officers as experience was gained.


Department of Natural Resources Queensland: 1999