Scenic Amenity of Glen Rock: A case study in measuring community appreciation of landscape aesthetics

This study was initiated to develop a better understanding of people’s appreciation of the scenery at Glen Rock, a property of about 6,400 ha located about 100km west of Brisbane. This information will be used in the development of a management plan for the property. A suite of other values (eg. nature conservation, water protection) will be taken into account in the development of recreation and grazing strategies for the property. By recognition of the scenic amenity of the property, it will be possible to provide a more enjoyable experience for visitors to the property.

The assessment of scenic amenity was implemented in five stages:
1. Perception study
2. Scenic preference mapping
3. Viewer appreciation assessment
4. Visual exposure mapping
5. Map scenic amenity

The areas of highest scenic amenity occur on both sides of the main Black Duck Creek valley in the northern half of the property, above the intersection of Flaggy and Blackfellow Creeks. Whilst the highest score scenic amenity score at Glen Rock of 5.5 (out of 10) indicates only moderate regional significance, this is due to relatively low visitation numbers. Some scenery, from tops of mountains and around the semi-permanent creeks, are among the best in south-east Queensland, with scenic preference ratings of 8-9 on a ten-point scale.

The greatest appeal of Glen Rock, to the potential visitors who were surveyed, is the undeveloped nature of the property. Whilst increasing visitor numbers to Glen Rock will also increase scenic amenity values, this will need to be achieved with sensitive planning of facilities.



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