SEQ Active Trails Management Systems

The SEQ Active Trails Strategy was prepared in 2007 to address concerns regarding the impacts of rapid population growth in SEQ and recognition of a need to cater for a growing number of trails users. Based on background research for this strategy, nine trails were identified as regional priorities, with funding being allocated through Treasury to an initial three trails, namely: Brisbane Valley Rail Trail; Maroochy River Canoe Trail and the Boonah to Ipswich Trail.

Whilst it is increasingly acknowledged that Trails provide a range of benefits to individuals and local communities, they also require support from government at all levels to establish and maintain. In part, some of this support can be alleviated through positive and effective community based
Ambassador/ Friends of the Trails Groups, along with quality trail design and proactive management. More expansively, however, the trails also need to be supported by information for trails users that assists them in understanding the environment/s in which they are recreating, their responsibilities as trails users, and providing details on the range of experiences that can be accessed through the SEQ Active Trails.

The following document provides information that affirms the value of trails for the community, as well as offering safety guidelines to help trail users 1) experience safe access to areas of South East Queensland, and 2) engage with the trails in positive, meaningful and healthy ways.



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