South Gippsland Open Space Strategy Vol. 1

The purpose of this project was to analyse the Shires open public space, for the purpose of long term strategic planning acquisition and development of future reserves and facilities, and in order to provide a basis for Council policy and decision making. There is considerable open space available to Shire residents in the form of crown reserves, foreshore and private open space in rural areas, however there are opportunities in some instances to enhance quality and refine the form and function of open space to better reflect population changes and community needs. For the purposes of analysis the Shire has been divided into five regions (as determined by Council Settlement Plan) and twenty seven key localities. The detailed and locality specific issues are dealt with in the Recreation Plan 2007. This plan focuses on providing strategies to address Shire wide issues.

The subsequent review of the 2007 OSS has found that while many of the goals (objectives) and overall vision are still relevant, the information presented needs updating and expanding to provide for current knowledge,population growth scenarios and decision making needs.



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South Gippsland Shire Council: 2007