Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Strategy 2020-2030

Sport and recreation (S&R) has a long history of being passionately valued by the communities that make up the South Gippsland Shire. Generations of toil and commitment from dedicated volunteers have created a broad range of S&R facilities within the municipality. Over the next decade many of these facilities will face significant challenges including: Volunteer burnout / drop off Infrastructure condition decline Changes in S&R participation as the population ages Increasing community expectations Broadening participation beyond traditional sports (AFL, Cricket, Tennis) requiring greater range of facilities and providing greater participation opportunities Escalating cost of facility renewal projects and developing compliant, accessible, functional, female friendly facilities The different historical management, ownership and operational arrangements across facilities The 2020-2030 Sport & Recreation Infrastructure Strategy (S&R Strategy) has been developed to provide a framework for how these challenges can be addressed by Council and the community. The Active Victoria Strategy and Sport 2030 from Sport Australia provide important guidance on addressing the challenges facing sport.



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South Gippsland Shire Council: 2020