State Football Facilities Strategy to 2026 (soccer)

Victoria has been at the forefront of football’s upsurge in Australia for many years. Football is the largest club-based participation sport in Australia, as defined by the Australian Sports Commission (SPORTAUS), with over 1.1 million Australians playing the game at the grassroots. Over the next 10 years, football participation will continue to grow steadily with most of the growth expected from girls and women as they increasingly participate in football. Football plays an important role within the Victorian community, it brings people together, shapes local communities, and plays a critical role in promoting a healthy, cohesive society. As an organisation, FFV are driven by an obsessive focus on the health and prosperity of our clubs and are focused on continuing to grow our participation numbers at all levels of the game – across all ages, cultures and abilities, and among girls and women where interest has never been stronger. As our state’s interest in football continues to grow, so too does the pressure on our community facilities and infrastructure. We are focused on ensuring our clubs have the means and facilities to keep attracting participants into the game, including at grassroots and elite levels. The continued success of football and our 344 clubs, relies on the sport having access to a greater quantity and quality of facilities, including pitches, lighting, and gender neutral change rooms. FFV considers Local and State Government to be its most important stakeholders in the provision of facilities to underpin the success of our sport. Significant funds are invested each year by Government – in partnership with local clubs and communities – to upgrade and refurbish facilities, as well as ensure that new venues are constructed to service Victoria’s growing population. ` FFV recognises the considerable efforts made by Local and State Government in supporting football at all levels. There is still much to be done to secure the future of the sport at the grass roots, which is why this State Facilities Strategy is so important to help shape the future. This document aims to guide partners and stakeholders in delivering new and improved facilities across Victoria to be able to sustain the expected growth.



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