Strategy for People with Disability

Badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. As the state sporting organisation (SSO) for badminton in Victoria, Badminton Victoria is committed to developing the sport for people with disability (PWD) and establishing and developing the structures to ensure a positive experience of badminton for all. As part of this People with Disability Strategy (PWD Strategy), Badminton Victoria will adopt an ‘Inclusive Vision for Badminton’. This important step emphasises the organisation’s commitment to the sport for PWD. Badminton Victoria works in partnership with bodies such as Badminton Australia and Badminton Oceania to support the development of badminton for PWD in Victoria. The PWD Strategy sets out Badminton Victoria’s long-term vision for badminton for PWD, in line with the organisation’s strategic aims to ensure that badminton in Victoria is a sport for all.



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