The 2018 International Parks and Leisure Congress IPLC2018 ran in conjunction with the World Urban Parks, focused on the impact that urban growth and density is having on our parks and open space systems and the quality of life for our communities. Over 700 professionals from across the globe attended the congress with our colleagues sharing ideas and thoughts in relation to the topic. As one of the most urbanised countries in the world and with our population expected to double by 2050 and 80% of our community living on 3% of our land mass; the pressure on Australia is very real. Envied globally for our way of life and vast networks of open spaces, the pressure on planners, managers and all levels of government to acknowledge and protect our open spaces is critical.

The purpose of the congress and this statement paper, was therefore to: o Encourage better planning for Australian cities by learning from the experiences of others across the globe. o Help Australia be prepared for and plan for the future. o Highlight the importance of parks and public spaces to the future of our cities, the lifestyles of our communities and the environmental significance they have particularly in densely populated areas.

PLA advocates and recommends: 1. No net loss of open space in our major towns and cities. 2. A park, plaza or greenspace within a 10-minute walk for all Australians. 3. A 25% greening target for our towns and cities through gardens, public plazas, green walls or roof top gardens. 4. Developing the concept of a town in a park for all of our major towns and cities. 5. Ensuring all public open space in towns and cities has recreational value. 6. Recognising and acknowledging the traditional owners of public land in all settings



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