Toowoomba Regional Council Trails Network Strategy Vol 1

The Toowoomba Region Trails Network Strategy 2016 (TRTNS) has been developed following detailed community consultation, investigation and auditing of the existing trails network, review of current gaps and identification of future demands and opportunities. The TRTNS provides a framework for the future strategic direction and development of recreation trails across the Toowoomba region and will ensure a consistent approach to planning, managing and implementing a network of recreation trails. The TRTNS is a series of key documents encompassing Volume 1 – The Strategy, Volume II – Background information, Volume III – Existing Trails Audit, Volume IV – Consultation.
The Strategy (Volume I) includes an overview of a 5 year implementation plan to enhance the region’s recreational trails. It details desired key outcomes for the trails network and highlights the detailed strategies required to achieve the desired outcomes. Short, medium and long term strategies and actions are identified and reviewed.



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Toowoomba Regional Council and Tredwell Management Services: 2016